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Aqua Animations empowers brands with solid animations that draws in, connects with, and delights an ideal crowd to their business.

Great job!

Overall Rating from 49 Users

I am an art director by trade, working as a graphic designer for over a decade. Being a perfectionist and someone who truly appreciates fine work. Aqua Animations turned 2D animation video samples around very quickly and provided all the revisions I needed to see until I was happy with the final draft.

Jeremy Hamon Art Director

Thank you Aqua Animators!

Overall Rating from 34 Users

Aqua Animations is a one-stop-shop with their research focused and comprehensive approach. Revisions were made promptly and accurately on time, adding value to a simple brand by creating a mind-blowing animated video. Communication was really simple and easy. The Aqua Animations team is brilliantly talented.

Nicole Seymour Creative Director

Consider me a regular

Overall Rating from 49 Users

It was about time I left a review. I’ve been working with Aqua Animations for quite a while, for a few of my projects, and their work deliverance is 10/10. Always love the resulting animation. The team is working with absolute dedication, which is noteworthy. Also, I love their 24/7 available customer service. If I have new ideas or want to change something in my current animation project, they are readily available. Thank you for your hard work Aqua Animation, I’ll be contacting you soon as I’m coming up with yet another animation project.

Nora William Designer

Amazing Service

Overall Rating from 49 Users

I own a health and fitness gym and to increase the clientele I wanted a logo. A friend told me about the Aqua logo designs. I contacted them for the development and they were very responsive. They deployed my logo beautifully and I am very happy with it. The logo has attracted many new customers and has left a positive impact on my business. Everything else was great.

Jacob EvansAssistant Manager

Thumbs up!

Overall Rating from 49 Users

Aqua Animations created an animated video for my website and brand design. The branding video was excellent and on point. Aqua Animations was helpful throughout the animation process. Prompt replies and exceptional customer service made me want to refer them to my colleagues. I would recommend Aqua Animations to everyone who wants to rebrand their company!

Matthew Robinson Project Manager

Thank you, Guys… A+

Overall Rating from 49 Users

I'd highly recommend Aqua Animations to anyone who requires a custom animated video. I needed an extraordinary animated video for my website by conveying my thoughts in very simple words. I can't put my experience in words, start to the finished product, everything was seamless, thanks to the Team of Aqua Animations. An extremely professional and efficient service was provided to me by Aqua Animations. I'm definitely coming back and sending my friends through too!

Charlie Moussa COO

Astonished by their work!

Overall Rating from 49 Users

What can I say; the team was great, the animation was groundbreaking, I enjoyed working with them, and they have definitely earned a loyal customer. Can’t wait to work with Aqua Animations again!


Absolutely brilliant! Mind blown!

Overall Rating from 49 Users

Design and creative edge doesn’t come around so easily, especially when it’s a 3rd party trying to bring to life what’s in YOUR head. Aqua Animations has left me in awe! Response time, feedback and the ideas provided one after another! Highly impressed by their conduct and excellence of service! Double thumbs up! Top notch graphic design, seamless animations - definitely coming back for future projects! Thank you for making my life easier xx

Zainab KhokharManaging Director

What they made is incredible!

Overall Rating from 49 Users

I'm very impressed by Aqua Animations' proficiency in translating ideas and concepts into beautiful animated designs. The final product was exactly the way I had imagined. The Aqua Animations team is wonderful and extremely talented. Communication with them is like a piece of cake, and the teams' professionalism is top-notch. Highly recommend Aqua Animations, won't think twice before using their services in the future.

Jorge Martin Creative Director

Extraordinary Animation skills

Overall Rating from 49 Users

I was struggling with finding good animators until at last, I found Aqua Animations. Their exceptional animation left me speechless. The end result was exactly what I was hoping for. The team was very understanding and listened to what I had in mind very well. I loved the service, loved the animation, loved their work. I’m definitely coming back to Aqua Animations for my future animation project!

Jessica David Marketing Manager

Loving it!

Overall Rating from 49 Users

It was fun working with the animators! Every animation was carefully inspected before it was finalized. My idea got through to the team quite easily. The fun part was that they work with new techniques, making something new every time. I have zero complaints! Thank you Aqua Animations, your work is acknowledged and much appreciated.

Anabelle Kay AbrigoProject Manager

Aqua Animations is an Awesome service

Overall Rating from 49 Users

I choose the company Aqua Animations because I liked the idea of having designers from all over the world submit. I received over 70 designs to choose from and have been very happy with my new logo. Designers offered logos based exactly on what I requested and fresh ideas as well. This is an awesome service. Aqua Animations I highly recommend the best Animated logo company.

Jack William Designer

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