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  • Digital sculpting
  • Stall Designs
  • Packaging Design
  • Character Modeling
  • Game Props
  • 3D designs ready to print

3D Modeling Animations


We create top-notch detailed 3D character designs. Aqua animations professional team gives life to the 3D character through emotions, feelings, colors, and depth. No such pre-existing templates are used and everything is made from scratch by our experienced and award-winning designers and animators. Our experience and expertise in meeting the requirements of the client at very economical rates have helped us to create a special space in the larger 3D modeling industry.

  • Concept and Storyboards
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Lighting
  • Camera Setting
  • Compositing and Special VFX

Aqua animations have a highly skilled 3D Artist Team we offer custom 3D Architectural Modeling Services such as 3D house plans, towers, apartment shopping malls, hotels, institutions, rest, hospitals residential and commercial buildings, etc. Award-winning Aqua animations Architectural plans provides the best services and Creating models is our passion, and we would be honored to work on your projects.

  • Interior / Exterior modeling
  • SketchUp Models
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Floor Plan Designs
  • Lighting
  • Camera Setting
  • Compositing and Special VFX
3D Modeling

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    Constructive - Walkthrough -

    $9,990 $4,449
    • Walkthrough Map
    • 60 - Seconds video
    • Proficient script writing
    • Customized storyboard
    • 3D Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Rigging & camera setting
    • Lighting
    • Animations & VFX
    • Music and foley
    • Voice over artists
    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
    • 100% Unique design guarantee
    • 100% Money back guarantee *
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  • standard package


    Character - Production -
    Short Films

    $15,000 $7,449
    • 2 Characters
    • 60 - Seconds video
    • Proficient script writing
    • Customized storyboard
    • 3D Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Rigging & camera setting
    • Lighting
    • Animations & VFX
    • Music and foley
    • Voice over artists
    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
    • 100% unique design guarantee
    • 100% Money back guarantee *
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Our Process

Concept and Storyboards

The first step in the 3D animation process is the conceptualization of ideas and the creation of the storyboards that translate those ideas into the visual form.

3D Modeling

Once the storyboards are done and approved by the client, the next step is modeling. This is where the designs such as for 3D character designs and 3D game props designs are carried out as per the needs.


3D model is designed, 2D images can be overlaid on it to add colors, designs, and textures. It is called mapping, and often the entirety of a model’s color comes from this.

Rigging and Skinning

Rigging is the process of setting up a controllable skeleton for the character that is intended for the animation. Drives the movement of a character to bring it to life.


Now you understand that the steps animation process do not start with the actual animation. It is at this stage we begin to actually carry out the process of animation which is the process where the 3D models are made to move.


Lighting is where a scene has the potential to come alive. Lighting can make a scene convincing, a scene that is virtually indistinguishable from the real life.

Camera Setting

This process we used to create the impossible perspectives, to zoom and pan and so much more. We create an eye-in-the-sky in the scenes.


Rendering an image is the last step in the 3D Process, and is perhaps the most important part. This is where the graphics get ‘made’ and exported.

Compositing and Special VFX

Compositing includes everything from edit, touch-up and add special effects, where things explode, evaporate, morph, etc.

Music and Foley

Create music soundtracks, sound effects and accompaniment music to set the mood for animation, film, television and commercial productions.

Editing and Final Output

This is where the composited renders and music are compiled and edited to ensure that everything synchronized. Once satisfied, final file exported.

Client satisfaction is our first priority

There is one thing that matters the most to us, and that is happy clients. Have a look at what they have to say for us.

Good work!

It was about time I left a review. I’ve been working with Aqua Animations for quite a while, for a few of my projects, and their work deliverance is 10/10. Always love the resulting animation. The team is working with absolute dedication, which is noteworthy. Also, I love their 24/7 available customer service. If I have new ideas or want to change something in my current animation project, they are readily available. Thank you for your hard work Aqua Animation, I’ll be contacting you soon as I’m coming up with yet another animation project. "

Christine Crowell— Executive Manager —

Exceptional work!

Many people struggle with finding good animators, having heard about Aqua Animations. Known for exceptional animations that leave most speechless. The end result will be exactly what you are hoping for. The team is very understanding and listens to what you have in mind. Very much loved for their service, animation, and for their hard work. I will definitely look at Aqua Animations for my future animation project!"

Brandon Wilson— Business Owner —

Impressive work!

I always wanted to promote our traditional cuisines to people. It was my wish to do such a business, I began some research with my family and one of my nieces advised me to look into Aqua Design Works. They did not just teach me to be a part of this brand, but they also helped me understand how to do a decent business without having an investment. First, they created an illustration and crafted my business logo. And then Aqua Web designs created a website which is capable of catering to my orders with new features and services. I can update and maintain my website because of Aqua design works. I am thankful to my niece for finding them, if you guys want to create your own business, choose Aqua design works."

Izabella John— Business Owner —

Great job!

I'm an art director by trade, worked as a graphic designer for over a decade. Being a perfectionist and someone who truly appreciates fine work. Aqua Animations turned samples around very quickly and provided all the revisions I needed to see until I was happy with the final draft."

Jeremy Hamon— Art Director —

Thank you Aqua Animations!

Aqua Animations is a one-stop-shop with their research focused and comprehensive approach. Revisions were made promptly and accurately on time, adding value to a simple brand by creating a mind-blowing animated video. Communication was really simple and easy. The Aqua Animations team is brilliantly talented."

Nicole Seymour— Creative Director —

Thumbs up!

Aqua Animations created an animated video for my website and brand design. The branding video was excellent and on point. Aqua Animations was helpful throughout the animation process. Prompt replies and exceptional customer service made me want to refer them to my colleagues. I would recommend Aqua Animations to everyone who wants to rebrand their company!"

Matthew Robinson— Project Manager —

Thank you, Guys… A+

I'd highly recommend Aqua Animations to anyone who requires a custom animated video. I needed an extraordinary animated video for my website by conveying my thoughts in very simple words. I can't put my experience in words, start to the finished product, everything was seamless, thanks to the Team of Aqua Animations. An extremely professional and efficient service was provided to me by Aqua Animations. I'm definitely coming back and sending my friends through too!"

Charlie Moussa— COO —

What they made is incredible!

I'm very impressed by Aqua Animations proficiency in translating ideas and concepts into beautiful animated designs. The final product was exactly the way I had imagined. They turned samples around and quickly provided all the revisions. The Aqua Animations team is wonderful and extremely talented. Communication with them is like a piece of cake, and the teams' professionalism is top-notch. Highly recommend Aqua Animations, won't think twice before using their services in the future."

Jorge Martin— Creative Director —

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